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Our Mission

  To embrace, encourage and inspire the beautiful diversity in all women.  

Our Products


Why coffee?  Coffee comes in a multitude of flavors and colors. Besides, who doesn't love a great cup of coffee? We are taking our love of coffee and  using it as a symbol of our mission to embrace and encourage.

Our products include whimsical coffee mugs, t-shirts, totes, socks and sneakers that celebrate and embrace differences and encourage and communicate positivity. Our other coffee products include coffee brands from around the world, coffee soaps, coffee chocolates and anything else related to your coffee obsession. 

Our Team


Vonda Smith

Founder & CEO

Optimistic Enterprises, LLC

Coffee Pretty Brand Products

Nakeisha Lancaster

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Coffee Pretty Brand Products

Heather McFarlane

Chief Operations Officer

Coffee Pretty Brand Products

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